Friday, June 1, 2012

True Rest

"Above all else, let us avoid
the false refuge of a weary collapse,
a hopeless yielding to things as they are."
George MacDonald

Yielding to circumstances as they are
is a dangerous resting place.
It seems easier to give in to those things
but there is no strength or refreshment
in our own fabricated time out.
The only answer to the circumstances
which demand our energy and attention is, 
"Come to Me and I will give you rest."
To the degree we are being led by our soul--
mind, will or emotions--
our victory is not His today victory.

Scripture tells us that if we wait on the Lord,
we will run and not grow weary.
Galatians 6:9 tells us not to become weary.
Hebrews encourages us to consider Jesus
so that we will not grow weary and lost heart
(give in to hopelessness).
And the spirit encouraged those in Ephesus
by saying, "You have persevered...
and have not grown weary."

Jesus is the only answer to weariness.
His invitation is, "Come; do not give in
to the pretense of fabricated rest."
True rest is not based on our feelings,
but on the truth of His strength
which displaces our own fatigue.
The power to do and to be and to live--
when we are at our weakest--
is His gift, His victory
that He would give to us.
When our very being "seems athirst 
for a godless repose,"
we believe in the "wide-awake reality of His being."
And He leads us beside still waters
and He restores our soul.
Jesus, I come to You
for the very rest that You would give.
You are my lifeline.
You are my peace.

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