Friday, June 29, 2012

The Throne of Grace

So let us come boldly 
to the throne of our gracious God. 
There we will receive His mercy, 
and we will find grace to help us 
when we need it most. 
Hebrews 4:16
It seems like everyday
is a day that I "need it the most."
Because everyday is a day I get tempted 
to be led by my soul, to live in the flesh, 
rather than let the life of Christ
dwell richly in me.
And that is never a good idea.
I can see everything clearly
when I am sitting in His presence
and He is speaking to me.
But then the day begins
and life can get chaortic.
I want to remember that
the throne of His grace is there
every moment of the day--
that I may enjoy Him and 
His glorious grace all day long.
If it is not the swirl of life flying past me,
it is the swirl of thoughts racing through me.
Lord, I need Your mercy all day long.
I want to be wrapped in Your grace
even during those times when I am
not consciously aware of Your presence.
You are always doing more than I 
could ask or imagine.
When I can't see You in the busyness,
or the trials, or the unchecked thoughts,
may I remember faith is my gift.
The sun is not gone just because
there are clouds in the sky.
We just sometimes can't see.
I want my faith to be bigger than my sight.
You are always with me.
Your grace and mercy are ever present helps
in my times of need.
I am so grateful that You saved me, 
adopted me and called me Your child.
I go in the peace of knowing
I can always come 
before Your throne of grace.
And You give me all I need.

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