Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Strength for Today

Thy bars shall be iron and brass; 
And as thy days, so thy strength shall be.
Deut 33:25
I ran across this verse today and 
it was like I had never seen it before.
I held it and meditated on it,
and my heart was thrilled to have me read it
over and over again.
It is as beautiful as it is true.
It speaks of protection, of security.
It also talks about our days.
Each of our days has 
the exact amount of strength allotted 
to fulfill its purpose.
The verse doesn't say, 
"And as thy life, so thy strength shall be."
If that were true, then we might have to determine
how to mete out the strength and spend it accordingly.
It says, "as your days..."
He fills us to capacity--for today.
We get to spend every last drop on the day we are in.
I don't fill my tank with more gas than it can hold,
even though there is plenty of gas left in the pump.
I can only give it what it can hold.

Today's strength is for today.
If I pull tomorrow's burdens into today,
I cannot shoulder the load.
Although in the natural, our strength lessens
in proportion to the years that remain, 
in Christ we have a promise 
of being as strong today
as we were many years ago.
He is a living God and His grace
falls afresh on us every day.
His resources are endless.
As my days, so my strength shall be.
A beautiful promise
from a good Father!

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