Sunday, June 3, 2012

Living What He Is Saying

These words I speak to you 
are not incidental additions to your life, 
homeowner improvements to your standard of living. 
They are foundational words, 
words to build a life on...
When Jesus concluded his address, 
the crowd burst into applause. 
It was apparent that He was living 
everything he was saying—
quite a contrast to their religion teachers! 
Matthew 7
It is so important that I build my life 
on His foundational words; 
but it is equally important that I live
everything that they say.
My thoughts, my words and my actions
have to be one--
it is the basis of integrity.
It comes from the Latin integer
meaning undivided, whole, in perfect condition.
Integrity involves ordering our lives by
the highest truth that we know
and resolving to think, speak and act
according to that truth.
So many problems must stem from 
the confusion our cells undergo 
when mixed messages
run throughout our body.
Jesus lived "everything He was saying."
That needs to be my testimony as well--
by the mercy and grace that He 
pours out over my life daily.
I want the core of my being to always
know the truth as a Person,
always resonating with the One 
Who created it.

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