Sunday, June 17, 2012

The Invitation of Grace

But sin doesn't have a chance 
with the aggressive forgiveness 
we call grace. 
When it's sin versus grace, 
grace wins hands down. 
All sin can do is threaten us with death. 
Grace invites us into life—
a life that goes on and on and on...
Romans 5
The threat of death is not spoken clearly.
It is spoken in shrouded language
based in fear, lies and empty promises
of self-fulfillment.
It initially sounds "reasonable,"
like our very own musings.
The voice behind sin is intimately aware
of our weakness, tendencies and 
generational fault lines.
There is an alphabet of language,
a mock-up of the Alpha and Omega.
The endpoint of every argument
that the enemy engages us in is death.
It could be the death of a dream,
a relationship, a career, a family, a life.
Ultimately it is the death of relationship
with Life Himself.
Jesus continually calls us into greater life,
life that goes on and on.
His grace is ever calling us forward, 
ever giving us hope for a life without sin.
As we press into Jesus, we come to know Him 
in an increasingly intimate way 
as the way, the truth and the life.
He invites us through grace into His life.
Although trials come into our lives and 
invite us to despair, 
His life reaches out 
and promises to lead us through.
Overcoming is a lifestyle that 
is continually coming over to His perspective,
refusing to budge from that view.
Grace over sin.
Life over death.
A life that goes on and on and on...

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