Wednesday, June 13, 2012

He Gives Us Strength

Then he continued, “Do not be afraid, Daniel. 
Since the first day that you set your mind 
to gain understanding and 
to humble yourself before your God, 
your words were heard, 
and I have come in response to them....
Then one who looked like a man 
touched my lips, and I opened my mouth 
and began to speak. 
“...My strength is gone and I can hardly breathe.”
The one who looked like a man 
touched me and gave me strength.
“Do not be afraid,  
you who are highly esteemed. 
Peace! Be strong now; be strong.”
When he spoke to me, 
I was strengthened...”
Daniel 10
Jesus' words give us strength
when we are at our weakest points.
When we are speechless, He touches our lips.
When we are afraid, He commands peace.
When we are weak, He speaks strength.
Daniel said his strength was gone 
and he could hardly breathe.
A touch gave him strength.
I long to be continually in front of Jesus
that I might be continually strengthened
by His hand and His words.
I don't want my own strength
 even on days I feel strong
because my own strength is no strength at all.
So this morning, I humble myself 
before His throne of grace and say,
"How can I talk with You, Jesus,
for my strength is gone?"
And Jesus, in mercy and grace, responds:
"Do not be afraid My daughter,
you who are highly esteemed.
Peace! Be strong now."
And by faith I declare, 
"Your words, Lord, have strengthened me."
I go this day in Jesus' strength 
and everlasting grace. 

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  1. Wow. What a timely word for my heart. Again. As I anticipate a God-ordained transition, I have consistently come face-to-face with my worries and fears....and Father has so gently comforted me and encouraged me by His Word so that I have the strength to choose Him and not those fears. Thank you for another word of promise to add to my "pile" of caring words from Father. :)

  2. Thanks Katie Jo! I miss you:)
    I know that you are transitioning exactly as He would have you do. I am praying for you!