Saturday, June 16, 2012

Completely Fearless

Jesus promised his disciples three things—
that they would be completely fearless, 
absurdly happy, and in constant trouble. 
~ G.K. Chesterton
Jesus never minced words with His disciples.
He told them plainly that they would be 
alone, expelled and killed for their faith--
surrounded by sorrows and trials.
He didn't want them to be surprised by it all.
But He didn't leave them there.
He promised them courage and joy.

I love that quote because it juxtaposes
seemingly opposite qualities
and establishes another Kingdom truth--
joy, courage and trials are a 
completely compatible lifestyle.
I need to rehearse Jesus' words often.
It seems I get surprised on a daily basis
by the trials and challenges.

We are to have joy--
His abounding, abundant 
and absurdly ridiculous joy.
His joy links arms with His courage
in the face of constant trouble
and keeps us absurdly happy.
It is easy to be fearless 
when we can't see the danger.
Most of us were fearless as children.
Then we learned a little bit about reality:
bad things happen.
Fear began to creep in
and we were no longer fearless.
But Jesus came to remove our natural perspective.
"Fear not; I have overcome the world."
When my mind begins to entertain all those things
that could happen and I don't know what I would do,
I need to remember that 
a fearless faith is a trust based faith.
My Father wants me to live differently 
than those who can only see the challenges.
Jesus said that we would have trials.
But after He reminded His disciples of the obvious, 
He also told them to take heart 
for He had already overcome the world.

Which of these truths will be my focus?
If I have the mind of Christ, 
I have no option.
Fearless, absurdly happy
and in constant trouble.
Perfectly logical
Kingdom truth.
May my life reflect
its beauty.

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