Sunday, June 24, 2012


Ask and it will be given to you. 
The one who asks will always receive. 
If you give good things to your children, 
how much more likely is it 
that your Heavenly Father will give 
good things to those who ask him?
Matthew 7
God, Your Word so completely covers us.
You considered all our times of need.
Thank You for giving us permission to ask.
There are times I just want to be with You--
to see Your face and hear Your voice.
But Your face and Your hand are connected.
I don't ever want to think of You only as Giver,
but there are times that I have to ask.
For there is no one else that can give me
the things I need from You.
I am asking today for a greater ability
to abide in You that I may see like You see.
I want to be ever aware of Your presence
that I may trust You in ever increasing ways.
You want me to ask with the assurance
that You will give.
And not only will You give, 
but the things You will give me are good.
So, I ask for wisdom to discern
these times that I might know what to do.
I ask for a greater level of 
intimacy with You.
I ask for a greater ability to 
be led by Your spirit.
And I ask for a joy that can only come
by being the branch connected to the Vine.
This morning, I don't know what else to do
except ask for those things I need.
You are a good Father and 
You have good gifts for me today.
I rest in Your great goodness.

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