Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Trust Matters

And so what can our response be 
to the cares of this external world 
and the conflict deep within?
No one who trusts God--heart and soul--will ever regret it. 
1Peter 2
Our response to all the cares can only be 
turning to the One who knows 
the beginning from the end, 
every care, every anxious thought, 
every why in the road.
The "whys" in the road present us with two options:
trust and fear.
Fear goes eye to eye with the enemy's nodding head
and is led outside the borders of grace 
to a city without light, joy, or peace.
The other road is marked by solid borders of grace.
When standing quietly before this path, 
we hear: "Come to Me! Run!"
This is the path of unfaltering boldness,
of trust without regret or sorrow.
of trust birthed out of death.
It leaves us radically alive to Him and His purposes, 
understanding the times--
This kind of trust produces sons and daughters
immersed in His presence 
and fueled by His courage.
There is an anointing on those
who go eye to eye with their Lover's nodding face,
to a city on earth as it is in heaven.
The city of our God.
 Those who trust Him are His laid-down lovers 
who have sold all to follow Him.
It all begins with a decision
to block fear
and choose trust.
It matters more than we know.

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