Sunday, May 6, 2012

To Live Before Him

We learn to live before Him, 
not just for Him. 
Pastor Norm, "Mastering the Mundane"

God seats us with Himself in heavenly places
"because we are united with Christ Jesus."
 Eph 2:6
As we learn to live "up" where He is seated,
we learn to live before Him in all we do.
It it what enables us to live in integrity, 
being one with Him in everything we do.
I grew up with dualism.
I went to a 45-minute church service
for my "religious experience," 
and then lived the rest of my week
with that experience connecting to nothing.
When I truly had a salvation experience,
I wanted to live my life for Him.
I wanted everything to connect.
Everyday is a battle to remember 
that He is Lord of it all.
Everyday is an opportunity to see Him
ever present, always with me, 
in the dailyness of life.
I want to get better at living before Him.
I didn't see the disconnect as hypocrisy back in the day
because I didn't know it was supposed to connect.
But now I know it is all sacred.
And it has to connect.
Or it IS hypocrisy. 
Daily life, full of routine and curveball,
has to be full of His life.
Or I discover I don't want to do it.
How many times can I wash those same clothes?
How many papers can I really grade?
How many times can I stand on a promise?
He says to me:
If you do all those daily things,
I will make the sun rise. Again.
I will bring the lilac to bloom. Again.
I will answer your prayers. Again.
Dailyness is another word for faithfulness.

While you are making dinner, again, 
I will be getting the sun ready to set. Again.
While you are encouraging your kids to clean their room, again,
I will be orchestrating answers to the cries of your heart. Again.
Daily moments are the canvas upon which 
I demonstrate My faithfulness to you.
Live before Me in those moments, 
and I will show you how to make them
a canvas to demonstrate your faithfulness to Me.

Lord, Your presence in my life
connects every moment of my day with 
Your eternal purpose.
Help me to live before You all day long.
You are faithful God;
help me live as a reflection of that faithfulness.

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