Wednesday, May 16, 2012

A Time for Every Season

In the spring of the year, 
when kings normally go out to war, 
David sent Joab and the Israelite army to fight... 
But David stayed behind in Jerusalem.
2 Samuel 11
It is a very dangerous thing to make plans
that differ from the "time of the season."
David decided to take a nap in a time of war.
Being out of season left David
susceptible to the spirit of lust, 
and he "noticed Bathsheba" when he woke up.

The changing of seasons is natural.
But one "summer day feeling" doesn't mean 
that summer has actually arrived.
We can very easily determine a season by a feeling.
Feelings come and tempt us
to declare a change of season--
mostly because we WANT the season to change.
It's possible that David fought many wars 
for many seasons and he just wanted a break.
Breaks are not bad.
When they are in the will of God.
When we orchestrate our own break,
we are open to attack.

Do I look to my Father 
to gain understanding,
or do my feelings make decisions 
that leave me open to wanton spirits?
A wanton spirit wants me 
to choose my own way.
It usually doesn't sound all that wrong.
It is not always a wrong thing;
it can just be a thing out of divine timing.
To everything there is a season...
Lord, may my eyes be on You 
and may revelation be my mode of operation.
I don't want to reason my way in or out of a season.

When I am in a shifting season,
it is critical that I shift in timing.
May I never allow my feelings
to determine my actions.
I want every thought and deed 
to have eternal consequences for You
and to bring Your Kingdom here on earth.
May it please You to lead me into 
the season You have set.
To every thing there is a season
and a time for every purpose under heaven.
May it ever be so in my life.

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