Thursday, May 3, 2012

That They May Have Life

I have come so that they may have life 
and have it in abundance. 
John 10:10
All I know this morning is that I am dependent
on Jesus for my life.
I know that He holds my life in His hand,
and it is by grace that I am even alive.
But it is His life in me
that I am most desperate for today.
There are so many swirling things 
trying to pull me down to ground level perspective.
The enemy looks to rob, steal and destroy.
It is his mission statement.
If I am not careful, 
he will rob me of life today.
Abundance comes from the word perissos:
beyond, superior, excessive.
He came that my life might be superior
and excessive in every good way.

I have one goal:
to live my life through the life of Another.
Through One who lives far above the swirl,
the gray day, the circumstances of life.
I live smack dab in the center of all that.
I only have one option:
Go up.    
I know there is blue sky above the clouds.
I know there is more than what I see.

By faith, I come up and sit down with You, Lord.
Your sovereignty reaches over all things,
and I need that perspective today.
You are extravagant by nature.
Right now, I don't know how to take this day
and turn it into an excessively superior day.
But You do.
And so I exchange all these gray thoughts
for Your beautiful abundant live-giving ones.
You came that I would live abundantly through You.
You are faithful, God.
I am grateful that You walk with me
and keep my life in Your hand.
I have to live my life through Yours
so that others can see 
Your goodness and faithfulness.
Even if no one is looking.
I will give you your life as a reward 
wherever you go.
Jeremiah 45:5

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