Tuesday, May 15, 2012

His Promises

We need today a fresh spirit of anticipation 
that springs out of the promises of God
We must declare war 
on the mood of nonexpectation, 
and come together with childlike faith. 
Only then can we know again 
the beauty and wonder 
of the Lord's presence among us...
A W Tozer

God has given us so many great promises.
Each promise in the Word 
is a promise to our hearts,
precious and of unfathomable value.
He has given us all
His rich and precious promises, 
so that by them we may become 
partakers of the divine nature.
2 Peter 1:4 
We are partakers of the divine nature
through His promises to us. 
Our desire is to become like Him. 
We learn to love like Him.
We learn to be true like Him. 
And we long to become truer still.
We become the pure in heart,
because we want to see Him.
Lord, my desire is that I might partake of 
Your nature in a greater way.
Your Kingdom comes as we allow Your life
to be lived and 
Your character to be expressed 
through ours.
I believe You are good and 
Your promises are my inheritance.
Your presence is my portion.
Your grace is sufficient.
I am grateful.

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