Friday, May 4, 2012

Heart Responses

Yesterday I wrote that I was desperate for 
my life to look like the life that Jesus came to give--
abundant, excessive, beyond natural.
Because I couldn't find that kind of life on my own.

I said that if I wasn't careful to "go up" and 
see from His perspective,
the enemy could rob me of life that day.
Just minutes after I posted that,
my heart began beating in rather odd ways.
It would skip and flutter and go fast and then go normal.
I prayed, put on worship music and
decreed life over my day.
But by late that afternoon, it had gotten worse and 
I figured I needed to figure out what was going on.
Off to the doctor. Not what I planned.
After an EKG and a whole ton of questions,
he decided that I was having something called PVCs,
which are not anything serious.
"Do you have a lot going on?"
Then he used the "s" word--
"Are you under more stress than usual?"
I looked down at my heart.
I did all I could to control my thoughts;
I couldn't control my heart.
And I felt a little bit like a failure.
I believed everything I wrote with my entire being.
But the swirl found its way in.
Jesus, I want to trust You with ALL my heart!
After I got home, I was listening to 
"One Thing" by Jesus Culture
and one of the lines says,
"My debt is paid;
there's nothing that can separate my heart
from Your great love."
Jesus spoke to me and said, 
Your heart and my great love are more
intricately connected than you know.
My love is covering your physical heart
and your spiritual heart 
and nothing will ever separate us.
The enemy did not rob you of life;
he caused you to turn to Me in even greater desperation.
And I respond to that kind of seeking.
And I am a rewarder of those who seek Me like that.
My love never fails, never gives up,
never runs out on you.
On and on it goes, 
for it overwhelms and satisfies Your soul.
And you never ever have to be afraid.
Because one thing remains.
My love never fails.
The enemy did not rob me.
In the midst of trouble, 
He preserves my life.
In every way.
His love never fails.


  1. Read this just now as I am strengthening myself in the Lord for the day ahead. While I am sorry that you had your day re-directed, I am grateful for the revelations that resulted. Precious words straight from Him. Thank you friend-I will be praying for your heart as well.

  2. Thank you Linda...just want you to know that you are on my heart when I wake up in the morning. Prayed for you throughout the day yesterday. I am confident that the Lord strengthened you and poured out His grace in a powerful way. Will continue:)