Tuesday, May 1, 2012

He is a Rewarder

...but persevere till God gives you your reward.
2 John 1:8
One thing is clear in the Word:
God is a rewarder.
He rewards those who seek Him.
He rewards those who do good service.
He rewards those who pray in secret.
He rewards those whose work remains.
He rewards those according to their deeds.

We say we love doing things with a pure motive
but God apparently doesn't mind our doing things
with a reward in mind.
I understand that, ultimately, 
He is our great reward.
He rewards us with Himself when we seek Him
with all of our heart.
But I believe that He wants to reward us with
answers and blessings as well.
His desire is to reward us. 
In fact, we are encouraged to persevere
until He gives us our reward.
Cry out, keep on knocking, continue to seek.
He doesn't want us to give up until we get our reward..
He not only wants to give us the things we need,
like "give us this day our daily bread;"
He wants to give us the desires of our heart.
He wants us to be filled with joy.
Whatever you ask the Father in my name, 
He will give you. 
Until now you have asked 
nothing in My name. 
Ask and you will receive, 
so that your joy may be complete.
John 16:24
In the Lord's prayer.
Jesus didn't say to ask in His name.
He didn't mention joy.
He said to ask for daily bread, a basic need. 
But there is more than needs.
Now He instructs us about the things that affect our joy.
Those things that wake us up.
Those things that hold our promises.
Those things that give us victory
and restore our souls.
He wants to reward us with 
answers and blessings that complete our joy.

Lord, I agree with Your word that You are a rewarder.
You are my great reward.
I am grateful for who You are to me,
 and for all that You give me. 
But I am not satisfied with settling 
for less than Your fullness in my life.
Whatever You have for me, 
I want it all.

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