Thursday, May 31, 2012

Fixing Our Gaze

There are times when the heaviness we feel
is greater than the sum total of our cares.
It is a type of oppression, of darkness,
that seems to hover over us--
and we cannot put our finger on 
what we are up against.
When I am faced with this kind of battle,
I have a number of choices.
I can stay under it and just have a hard day.
I can try to figure out why I am fighting
and wrestle until I have understanding.
Or I can go up and find
a greater source of light so that
the darkness must dissipate.

It is not wrong to try and understand why
the sense of heaviness is surrounding us.
It is just wrong to focus on it
after we have spent some time 
crying out for wisdom and discernment.
After this, there is no other option
but to go up and fix our gaze on Jesus.
This is the place I am today.

I stand on His truth:
"Give your heart to the heavenly things. 
As far as this world is concerned, 
you are already dead, 
and your true life is hidden in Christ...
the secret center of our lives."
Col 3:3 
I rehearse those promises He has given me:
"I am a resting place for His love."
"I am His daughter and His eternal hand
has touched my life so that 
He may be glorified through it."
His heart is that all of His sons and daughters
would believe, especially on those days
that seem curiously heavy,
that we are His beloved
and a resting place for His eternal love.
He is the secret center of our lives.
He surrounds us with His presence.
And in His presence, we are changed.

Today, Lord, I choose to go up 
and surround myself with Your presence.

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