Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Everyday Faithful

This morning I woke up to the words, 
"Everyday faithful."
I pondered those words and 
thought about the principle of 
being faithful in the little things--everyday.
I have a lot of little things to do.
And the Lord reminded me that 
He is pleased as I faithfully 
do those things as unto Him.
My prayer was that the Lord would help me 
to be "everyday faithful"
in all the things He allows me to do today.
Then I looked up Matthew 25:21.
The master was full of praise. 
"Well done, my good and faithful servant. 
You have been faithful 
in handling this small amount, 
so now I will give you 
many more responsibilities. 
Let’s celebrate together!"
Oh dear.
The master was full of praise.
And he had a reward that was worthy of celebration:
more responsibilities.
Somehow I keep looking to whittle down
the responsibility I do have.
But the biblical principle is that
greater responsibilities are greater in value 
and worth celebrating.
But I have to remember that He adds
these responsibilities little by little.
I didn't get all five children at once.
I didn't run a marathon my first time out.
I didn't bench my weight the first time in the gym.
But as I did the one thing, 
I was able to do the next.
I definitely need heaven's perspective
on faithfulness and responsibility.
Sometimes more isn't just more.
Sometimes it is a reward.
Worth celebrating.
I want to be found
everyday faithful.

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