Thursday, May 17, 2012

Completely Dependable

There's a fiercely loyal minority still—
not many, perhaps, but probably 
more than you think. 
They're holding on, 
not because of what they think 
they're going to get out of it, 
but because they're convinced of 
God's grace and purpose in choosing them. 
If they were only thinking 
of their own immediate self-interest, 
they would have left long ago.
Romans 11:6
It is so all about Him.
This is not a life that can be lived to the fullest 
by focusing on what is in it for me.
It is a life laid down.
It is a life of denying self
It is a life of obedience to Christ.
But it is not a life of duty.
It is an abundant life, 
full of peace and grace.
He is a "never will I leave you" God,
who promises us that His goodness and mercy
will hunt us down and be with us all our days.
He created purpose and formed our lives
to fulfill that purpose.
We are fully equipped to live this life of purpose.
The One who called you is completely dependable.
1 Thes 5:23
With these words, I am rehearsing 
what I know to be true.
When life gets busy and 
a bit out of control, 
I get tempted to lose focus.
Actually, I don't lose focus; 
I shift focus.
To myself.
So, I go back to what I know.
I exist for Him.
It is the only perspective worth living for.
He gives me peace and purpose.
And He wants His strength to be mine.
The One who called me
is completely dependable.

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  1. He is completely dependable and that is all I need to know to face the day. :)