Friday, April 20, 2012

Wells of Goodness

What makes the desert beautiful 
is that somewhere it hides a well. 
Antoine de Saint-Exupery

Poetic truth is beautiful; 
it leads me to the echo in the Word 
that I might go there and sit a while.
These lines remind me today that He is good,
and I can find springs of His goodness where ever I am.
The LORD will guide you continually, 
giving you water when you are dry 
and restoring your strength. 
You will be like an ever-flowing spring. 
Isaiah 58:11

His promises are His wells of goodness.
He has given me many words to stand on,
and when I don't know which way to turn, 
I go to one of His promises
and I stay there until I am filled with faith.
The parched ground will become a pool,
and springs of water will satisfy the thirsty land.
Isaiah 35:7
Lord, Your presence satisfies where ever I am.
The desert is a beautiful place 
because I find You there.
You remind me that I am filled with springs of living water 
because I am a carrier of Your presence.
When I feel shallow and empty, 
You always lead me into the depths of Your love
and bring peace to my anxious heart.
Your promises are always yes and amen.
I sit at these wells of Your goodness; 
I find You here.

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