Saturday, April 7, 2012

To Be Known by God

But whoever loves God is known by God. 
1Corinthians 8:3
This verse has always challenged me.
I came across it again this week and it stopped me.
I naturally think of the verse where Jesus says, 
"Away from Me, I never knew you."
That verse puts the fear of God in me.
To go through this whole life, 
doing all those things we think are right, 
but in reality being so molded by the culture of the day
that we were either enamored by the things of the world
or enamored by our own self-righteousness.
The rich young ruler or the Pharisee.
The ones that walked in the prophetic, 
deliverance and miracle ministries--
apparently without love--
He said he would tell them plainly:
"I never knew you."
God is speaking to me about love right now
and all I know is that I am so grateful.
I can feel so inadequate when it comes to truly loving Him. 
But His Holy Spirit is alive in me that I might love Him 
with all my heart, soul, mind and strength...
to know Him the way He wants to be known.
Because everything else flows out of that.
Lord, thank You for not giving up on me.
Thank You for the grace to continue growing in my love for You.
You are infinitely kind, patient and good.
You continually lead Me to love You
and be known by You.
That is so what I want.
By Your mercy and grace, 
I will never desire anything less.

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