Sunday, April 15, 2012

This Love of Christ

...that you might really come to know practically,
through experience for yourselves, 
this love of Christ, 
which far surpasses mere knowledge without experience; 
that you may be filled throughout all your being
unto all the fullness of God--
the richest measure of the divine presence
and becoming a body wholly filled
and flooded with God Himself.
Eph 3:19
The cry of Paul's heart through the Holy Spirit
is that we would know the love of Christ experientially--
that our very being would be filled 
with the fullness of God,
both individually and corporately,
a body "flooded with God Himself."
And if this seems impossible, 
we have this next exhortation:

Now to Him Who, 
by consequence of the action of His power
that is at work within us, 
is able to carry out His purpose
and do superabundantly, far and above 
all that we dare ask or think--
infinitely beyond our highest prayer, 
desires, thoughts, hopes or dreams--
to Him be the glory in the church and in Christ Jesus
throughout all generations forever and ever
Oh that I would know His love in a deeper way.
God, it is by Your power at work within me 
that You are able to accomplish this.
You carry out Your purpose in me 
and You do superabundantly above all I ask
or dare to even think about--
even my BEST prayers, thoughts or dreams.
God, may You strengthen me this day in Your power.
I want to grow in my knowledge of Your love in a practical way,
that others may see Your love in a real way.
For Your glory in my life
and in the generations behind me.

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