Sunday, April 29, 2012

Options and Exits

Temptation comes from our own desires,
which entice us and drag us away.
James 1:14
Whenever we get away from God's word,
away from His promises to us,
away from growing and maturing our spirit man,
our own desires can entice us to leave the road.
The Greek word for entice is deleazomenos, 
a hunting term meaning "bait and trap."
This bait is placed there to trap us
and drag us away from our God-ordained path.
It doesn't look like we are being dragged;
bait is offered to satisfy a need.
it looks like we are making our own decision.
This bait takes many forms,
but they all begin as thoughts.
We can feel frustrated, tired, offended, impatient,
hopeless, sad, disillusioned, alone.
These feelings give way to thoughts that
can take us off the course God has marked for us.
We see an exit sign and decide there is 
a lot to offer at that exit.
We must realize there is a battle raging for our lives.
Our enemy is forever wanting to get us 
off the course that the Lord has set for us.
"Take this exit," the enemy whispers.
And so we begin to think about it.
Looks like it might be a nice road,
with interesting things to offer.
Not sure why I need to stay on that other road.
Compromise just a little.
Sell truth just a little.
What map?

When we are presented with 
options in our thoughts,
we need to remember to check our map.
We need to get in the Word and 
remember what God has said.
It may look like just what we need, 
but it may just be the bait 
designed to entice us off our course.
We must take the exit marked on the map.
Every other way is not the Way. what is right for the glory of God. 
Romans 7

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