Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Love Without Stopping

Be on guard. 
Stand true to the Lord. 
Give it all you've got. 
Be resolute. 
And love without stopping.
1 Corinthians 16:13-14

I read these verses and feel like 
I have never read them before.
Obviously, they are not new.
But the Lord spoke to me through them,
and so those words have come alive.
I have been impacted by both their simplicity and power.

I am commanded to be watchful, to keep my eyes open, 
remembering to "go up" 
whenever conflicted in my perspective.
I am commanded to stand true to the Lord, 
to get to know Him more and more,
that I might stay true to Him all day long.
I am commanded to give it all I've got, 
my whole heart surrendered to the Lord--
motivated by my desire to love Him and please Him--
trusting that every impossible circumstance is possible.
I am commanded to be resolute, strong in His strength-- 
willing to confront my weakness and exchange it--
without flinching at how miserably I can fail.
I know that courage and humility must stand together,
ever increasing in the deepest part of my being.
I am commanded to love without stopping.
It must be growing and active,
more alive because His life is more alive in me.
This chapter ends with:
May the grace of the Lord Jesus be with you.
His grace. His power. 
His life.
My absolute nothingness.
Not only a beautiful exchange.
but a requisite one.
Jesus, Your grace is the air I breathe.

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