Wednesday, April 11, 2012

"Just As"...Again

But if you suffer for doing good and endure it patiently, 
God is pleased with you.
For God called you to do good, 
even if it means suffering, 
just as Christ suffered for you. 
He is your example, 
and you must follow in His steps.
1 Peter 2:20-21
Reading in 1Peter this morning 
and came upon another "just as."
Everything comes down to being crucified with Christ
and my flesh no longer living but Christ living in me.
If that is real, our "just as" must be growing.
In every situation, every opportunity we face, 
the question is "How do I follow in His steps?
How does He live in me and through me?
How do I do this "just as Christ?"
He called me to do good--
even when it doesn't feel good
or it doesn't appear that I am being treated fairly
or I am tired and just don't have anything left.
When my spirit is not leading, 
I use reason and emotion to make decisions.
I can make decisions based on fairness and feelings.
But I want to live "just as."
I have to have the mind of Christ
and be led by the spirit.
Again, my self reminds me 
how far I fall from this standard.
I choose to agree with and ignore that voice.
Because it is no longer I who live.
Lord, help me to take every situation that comes--
those everyday moments that fly at me all day long--
and allow You to live through me.
Love through me.
You called me to "do good,
just as..."
May I not be the one who betrays You today.
I want my life to bring You glory.
Paul always reminds his readers at the end of his letters
of the key for all he has written.
"Stand firm in this grace."
Amazing grace to live this life
in the only way that counts.
For You, Lord.

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