Sunday, April 8, 2012

Just as Christ Was Raised...

Just as Christ was raised from the dead 
by the glorious power of the Father, 
now we also may live new lives...
Romans 6

Just as Christ was raised...
This is an argument of the highest order.
An argument from comparison by similarity
crafted by the Holy Spirit.
"Christ's resurrected life and yours are to be the same."
NOW we live new lives.
Jesus' resurrection isn't a declaration of future joy.
Eternal life begins in the temporal time space world of now.

This resurrection life we celebrate today
has the power to transform us 
every moment of every day.
It is the surprise of the empty tomb.
He is alive that we might be alive, 
resurrection life every day. 
We are not bound to death or 
a tomb of stuck living and past mistakes.
We are free to be made new in His resurrection life!
I am living new today because of His resurrection.
On this Easter day,
I am so aware that He made me for this.
Because He lives, 
I am alive in Him.

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