Saturday, April 28, 2012

Faith Inherits Promises

Be imitators of those who inherit the promises 
through faith and perseverance.
Hebrews 6:12
This is a season where God is planting 
deep seeds of faith in our hearts,
that we might stand in the midst
of challenge and testing
and not waiver.
It is through faith that we inherit.

God has been helping me see that I must expect
to hear His words of promise where ever I go.  
 His goodness follows me.
Surely His goodness and mercy
follows me all the days of my life
Psalm 23:6
He has been giving me words of faith
everywhere I turn.
He spoke a word to me on Thursday 
about being one who attracts the promises of God.
On Friday two different people
gave me a word of promise from the Lord.
That is just not a normal occurrence--
unless He is establishing a new norm.
Or helping me see that it should be the norm.
I need to carefully listen for His voice 
and carefully shut out evil reports
and contrary opinions.
Be careful what you listen to 
for the standard you set 
will be measured to you.
Mark 4

I want to carefully listen to Him
so that the standard I set 
will be measured back to me.
My currency is faith and, 
to those who have, He gives more.
Lord, You are always speaking.
I want to hear Your goodness 
that follows me every day of my life.
You are extravagant, Lord, 
in Your goodness.
Abiding faith attracts promises.
I want to inherit all that You have for me
so that others might see Your goodness
and You might get all the glory.


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