Sunday, April 22, 2012

Eternal Denial

If any man would come after Me, 
let Him deny himself. 
Luke 9:23
True victory over our "selves" 
is the victory of Christ in us.
It is the glorifying in our weakness
and crying out for His strength to 
fill that place.
It is not a striving of self,
which produces self-satisfaction,
but an obedience of will,
which produces peace.
"God's eternal denial of Himself,
revealed in Christ--
who for our sakes in the flesh
took up His cross daily--
will be developed in man.
Man's eternal rejoicing will be in God,
and in his fellows, before whom he will cast
his glad self to be a carpet for their walk, 
a footstool for their rest,
a stair for their climbing."
George MacDonald
God's eternal denial of Himself,
His willingness to suffer and hold nothing back,
is revealed in His Son.
The denial of self, the willingness to suffer
(for us, often our flesh feeling the pain 
of being told "no" )
and reconciling the cost to be everything...
these are the grand principles of a life hidden in Christ.
And the ones we are continually being tested and tried
that we would come forth as gold.

May God grant me the grace
to deny the demanding, pitiful form of all life
outside of Christ.
Because in all its deceptive appearances,
there is no real life outside of His.
He came that we would have life
and have it abundantly.
It is His life,
the victory of Christ in us.


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