Monday, April 23, 2012

Don't Stop Short

Patient endurance is what you need now, 
so that you will continue to do God’s will. 
Then you will receive all that he has promised.
Hebrews 10:35

Yesterday I went out for a run.
It was one of those Seattle sun days and 
it was the middle of the afternoon, and it was hot.
I was on the last stretch of the run, 
going up the eternal hill by Bothell Home Depot.
When I am really dragging, I will run 
to the second driveway up the hill 
and walk for just a bit.
I was really hot and I came to the first driveway.
Thought to myself, 
"It's a driveway. Good enough."
The Lord said to me, 
"That is not the second driveway."
Oh dear. 
I wanted to argue just a bit. It was really hot. 
It looked just like the other one.
"If you stop here, you will go home 
knowing you stopped short. 
The second driveway."
I knew we were talking principle here;
I put my head down and kept running.
"Never stop short of where I ask you to go
or what I ask you to do. 
No matter how small it seems to you.
It has to be the ending I show you.
The last push is almost always costly.
It is not over until I say it's over."
So many applications for this--
I can't stop short of getting the complete victory.
I can't stop when it looks good enough, 
"kind of" what I was going for. 
Like the first driveway.
He wants me to keep fighting until it really is
complete victory and He tells me to stop.
I need patient endurance 
so that I continue to do His will.
That second driveway. 
It really was not all that far away.


  1. Kathy, Thanks for posting this. What incredible timing of the Lord! You know our story and how many times we have wanted to quit. For a couple years now, the battle in my mind rages on and on. I can't do all that is required of me. It is impossible! I really don't have anything left to give because it is all "flesh" anyway...and it is humiliating. Yesterday, it was time, once again, to turn in our enrollment forms and pay the enrollment fee and I just do not want to go through another year like this one. Is it really worth it? Then, the Lord speaks loud and clear to me...through you! Will I "run" to the next driveway where He has told me to go? Or will I stop short? Thanks to you Kathy, I just can't quit now. Love you dear sister!

  2. Oh Monta, that blesses my heart!! Would hate not to see you there for the LAST year!!! Really grateful that the Lord prompted me to post that this morning:) Thank you for taking the time to share!