Tuesday, April 3, 2012

By Keeping My Eyes On Jesus

"We do this by keeping our eyes on Jesus." 
Heb 12:2
Today's online verse of the day began with this line.
At first I thought, what is "this" that we do?
Then I realized, it doesn't matter.
Whatever "this" is, I do it by keeping our eyes on Him.
How do I keep my thoughts in peace today?
I do this by keeping my eyes on Him.
How do I stay filled with faith today?
By keeping my eyes on Him.
How do I walk in grace for every moment of this day?
My eyes on Him.
How do I love others?
He is my answer to every need.
There are times during the day when I forget.
There are times when anxious, 
self-centered thoughts flood my mind.
When those times come, 
I simply need to stop, repent and refocus.
Jesus, help me today get better at keeping.
While the daily buzz of life swirls around, 
I want my spirit to be one with You.
I want the eyes of my spirit to be always looking at Your face, 
speaking to my soul that it is well.
Today, help me do "this" with my eyes on You.
Otherwise, they are me and my circumstances.
And that is never a good idea.


  1. Once again I wonder if you are in my head! No, just in my heart :) What a clear pipeline you are to echo what the Lord is saying to me! Over and over your posts bring His living water. Thank you for what it costs you to be that pipeline!! I have had Bethel's "God I Look to You...." on repeat this past week. It is the worship song that accompanies this thought from you/Him. What a treasure you are and I am grateful to call you friend.

  2. Linda, Heading over to I-tunes to buy that song. I have been so wanting new music to echo my cry! Thank you for your encouragement and friendship:)