Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Buy the Truth and Sell it Not

It is really not for lack of knowledge 
that people miss the mark.
It is the lack of wisdom and revelation.
And it is not always that we failed to get it.
It is most often that we failed to keep it.
We sell revelation as soon as we can't figure out
how it works in our own lives.
We sell revelation when we don't like 
how it works in our own lives.
His truth is costly and the enemy comes
to convince us we can trade it for something
more valuable, more workable, 
so much more palatable.
Of all the truth that gets sold, 
one of the most dangerous to give away is,
"If you cling to your life, you will lose it; 
but if you give up your life for Me, you will find it."
Matthew 10:39
When we let go of that truth, just a little, 
it becomes easier to let go of more.
"Surely, it can't mean ALL of my life."
"Isn't that just a bit extreme, even religious?"
"What if I trust God with everything
and He doesn't answer my prayers?"
"What if it looks like my dreams 
will never come to pass if I just wait on Him?"
"Is that thing really that big of a deal????"
To pick up my cross and follow Him--
losing my life for His sake-- 
I will have to settle the issue 
that it will cost all that I have.
But it is the only way I will truly save my life.
I might want to make a way where there is no way, 
or walk in fear and take back just a little control.
But I have purchased the revelation 
that my life is not my own.
And I refuse to sell out.
His word is true and the principles work in my life.
Jesus emptied Himself of everything 
and He was God.
Lord, help me keep emptying myself.
Help me always stay true to Your word:
My life is not my own.
I have been bought with a price.
May You get glory through my life.

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  1. Print this off for your session and say this is the word of the Lord, thank you for coming :)
    Absolutely are an invaluable gift to me in helping me hear the Lord. I hope the chocolate helped :)

    PS: Loved the post for today [Thursday] too but this one--well--it makes for a great handout!