Saturday, April 21, 2012

I Want to be True

Behold, You desire truth in the innermost being, 
Psalm 51:6

Truth in my innermost being
means that my actions line up with my beliefs--
and I am at peace because I am true.
Each day is an opportunity to see how far apart
my faith and deeds can be.
I can give way to fear, doubt, resignation, 
or whatever comes along,
despite all the Lord has shown me 
and all I claim to know.  But grace. 
I want to be true. I want to walk in integrity--
the unity of thought and deed.
He is so faithful to show me where I am divided 
so that I can repent and cry out for even greater grace.

To love the truth is a far greater thing than to know it--
act-truth as opposed to fact-truth.
A man may delight in the vision and glory of a truth, 
and not himself be true.
The man whose vision may be weak, but who,
as far as he sees, does the thing he sees,
is a true man.
George MacDonald
It matters little if I know truth or speak truth;
if I don't live truth, I live a lie.
Father wants honesty and truth in my innermost being.
And He gives me the privilege of crying out 
for His grace and mercy
that I might become more like Him.
As I obey His voice as it comes to me today,
my integrity increases. 
My thoughts and deeds become more united.
Jesus, I want to see Your face and hear Your voice today.
You desire truth in my innermost being,
I have to want what You want. 
I want to be true.

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