Thursday, April 26, 2012

Be Renewed

Put on your new nature, 
and be renewed 
as you learn to know your Creator 
and become like Him. 
Let the message about Christ, 
in all its richness, fill your lives. 
And whatever you do or say, 
do it as a representative of the Lord Jesus. 
Colossians 3:10,16, 17

Be renewed!
Impacted by this command today.
We wouldn't be commanded to be renewed
if it were second nature to live in our new nature.
We are in this process of learning to know Him.
The more we know Him, the more we want
to devote ourselves to the beautiful process of 
becoming like Him.
Let the message about Christ
fill your lives!
Another command.
We will be filled with a message.
We have to let the message 
"about Christ" be what fills us.

Do everything as a representative of the Lord!
Another command.
We are only commanded to do 
that which isn't natural.
Our natural state is self-representation.
These verses command us 
to change our natural orientation.
"It is not I who live, but Christ lives in me."
It is imperative that we live the Word of God.
We have to "put on," "let," and "do"
according to our knowledge of Him.
We must be an accurate representation.
It is the only answer to the devastation
caused by the idolatry of our cultural gods:
pride, power and pleasure.
These ancient gods continue to bring
emptiness, perversion and hopelessness
to those who worship at their thrones.
We confront them by allowing His light
to shine in the darkness.
To be an authentic representation,
we have to live His message.
Father, would Your grace flood me 
that I might live this life in to bring You glory.
Help me to change my natural orientation today
and live according to Your commands.
It is through Christ;
it is for Christ.
It is the highest privilege.

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