Saturday, April 14, 2012

Agreement Again

God, I ask You to give me complete knowledge of Your will 
and to give me spiritual wisdom and understanding. 
Then the way I live will always honor and please You, 
and my life will produce every kind of good fruit. 
All the while, I will grow as I learn to know You better and better.
also pray to be strengthened 
with all Your glorious power so I will have 
all the endurance and patience I need. 
I will be filled with joy, always thanking You 
 for rescuing me from the kingdom of darkness 
and transferring me into the Kingdom of Your dear Son.
Colossians 1:9-12
I have added this Scripture to my declarations
of agreement these past days.
I put it on my phone that I might look at it often
and be reminded how to think.
Because it says when my thinking is in alignment with His,
I might live in a way that will honor and please Him.
A number of times the past days, 
I have been burdened to pray for particular people;
I have declared these verses over them.
It releases His power over their hearts
and releases the burdens I can carry.
Lord, what would I do without Your truth?
Thank You for Your words that ground me
and bring me such hope.
Knowledge of Your will, along with 
spiritual wisdom and understanding,
leads to a way of living that will always honor You.
And all the while, I will grow.
I will get to know You better.
Your power gives me the 
endurance and patience that I need.
Thank You for Your great rescue,
for bringing me into the Kingdom of light,
the Kingdom of Your dear Son.
You are so good to me.

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