Monday, March 19, 2012

With All My Strength

Love the Lord your God with all your heart,
soul, mind and strength.
Mark 12:30
In this season of training, 
I have been thinking about loving the Lord
with all of my strength.
I was thinking back to the days 
when I had a personal trainer.
He would always say to me, 
"I am trying to help you see 
that you are stronger than you think."
He would always set the weight higher than I wanted,
 and I would always say, 
 "I think that's too much."
And he would assure me it wasn't. 
And I would lift it.
Our minds limit us so much more than our bodies.
If our spirit is "super" natural, 
what must we be capable of lifting?
As my mind comes into alignment with 
"I can lift this weight"in the natural, 
I want my mind to line up with 
ALL that is possible in the spirit.
Lord, how do I love You with all of my strength?
I know it is not physical strength or soul strength, 
but Your strength that gives power to my inner being (Eph 3:16)
I want to train so that I realize the potential 
of what I was created for.
I want to love You Lord with all of my strength.
I know it requires trust.
She shall not be fearful; her heart is firmly fixed, 
trusting (leaning on and being confident) in the Lord. Ps 112

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