Wednesday, March 28, 2012

So We May Fully Accomplish

Endurance is for the purpose of developing 
the amount of character necessary to receive His favor.
He alone knows what we are being prepared for.
He knows the tipping point.
If He pours out blessing, and we consume it on ourselves, 
or allow that favor to draw us away from dependence on Him, 
then that favor becomes our loss.
And He loves us too much to lose us.
Diligence and excellence
bring us before kings, not common man.
Prov 22:29
But our character must be in line with our excellence. 
When dining with this king, 
"Carefully consider what is in front of you."
Because the king's delicacies are misleading, 
place a knife at your throat to control your appetite."
Prov 23:1

Oh God, we want Your favor in our lives.
But only to the degree that we can carry 
the weight of Your glory without it destroying us.
May our young people have great revelation
concerning Your ways in this area.
I pray that they become so mature in character
that they never want the king's food 
more than they want to influence the king.
May this be a season where we recognize the 
value of endurance so that when favor comes, 
we are ready to put a knife to our throats
to control our appetites for our own glory.
I pray that all of us,
and especially the next generation, 
would train in both excellence and endurance.
Measure out Your favor by our ability to carry
 the weight of Your glory.
For you have need of endurance, 
so that you may fully accomplish the will of God, 
and thus receive and enjoy to the full what is promised.
Hebrews 10:36
And may our endurance be filled with great joy.


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