Thursday, March 29, 2012

Our God Wins

I am grateful that God always makes it possible 
for Christ to lead us to victory. 
2Corinthians 2:14

God has been speaking to me about endurance lately,
but He also keeps reminding me of victory.
Our God wins. In us. In me.
He always leads me to victory in Christ.
Fear, anxiety and worry never need to come across my mind
if I truly believe that my life is hidden in Christ 
and that He always wins.
I was thinking about one of those Tebow games 
we had recorded this past season.
At half-time I was on facebook; 
someone had posted the final score.
I went back to the game and, 
not wanting to ruin the game for anyone else, 
kept the final score to myself.
Oh my word. That game was out of control.
If I hadn't known the final score, 
I would have left the room a dozen times.
Those kinds of games are more stressful than I can handle.
I get into them with every molecule of my being.
But that day, I was able to watch every play.
I knew that however bad it looked, Denver won.
Tebow took it down to the wire, and I was curiously ok.
It just helps knowing that your team wins in the end.
So, I have the Word of God telling me 
that my team wins in the end.
A fumble, interception, or penalty doesn't matter
when you know it doesn't cause you to lose the game.
When the team is tired and the defense has to go in again,
and it's first and goal, I just remember that they win.
God, may I really apply this truth to my life.
When things come up during the day, 
and stress and worry want to storm my thoughts,
help me remember that I know the final score.
Through Christ, You lead me to victory.
That is the position I begin with.
I cannot afford to doubt the score.
Thank You for posting the score 
while still in the middle of the fight.
You are so good to me.

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