Thursday, March 22, 2012

No Offense in HIm

Jesus had called John the greatest man who had lived.
He had amazing revelation concerning Jesus.
He knew that this was the Lamb of God.
and that he was unworthy to carry His sandals.
Then life happened.
And John was in prison with a haunting question.
Was Jesus really the One?

This great man, who knew Jesus at first sight, 
who baptized Him and spent time with Him,
had a haunting question about what was true
when the days got dark and he had to rely on faith.
If Jesus came to set the captives free,
why wouldn't Jesus set him free?
Jesus' basically said to the disciples:
"Tell John to stop looking at his circumstances.
Tell him everything I am saying.
Tell him all that I am doing.
Tell him there is good news!
Tell him not to be offended in Me.
It doesn't always look like you think it should.

John died in prison, perhaps with a question.
If it can happen to the voice crying out, 
it is a warning for us all.
Fix your eyes on Me!
Jesus tells us.
If you are set on looking at your circumstances, 
your questions will haunt you.
Fix your ears on My voice, your eyes on My ways, 
and your mind on My good news.
I call you blessed if you are never offended
at what I am doing.
Jesus, help me to fix my eyes on You.
You are the author of my faith.
By grace and mercy, you will be the finisher.
I lift my eyes up.
I fix them on Jesus.

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