Thursday, March 1, 2012

Kairos Time

I woke this morning to the sound of chronos time,
the sound of daily living, routine, schedules.
I can easily forget that it is not the only kind of time around.
Jesus asked John, James and Peter 
to go up the mountain with Him in chronos time.
Once there, they entered kairos time.
Jesus talked with Elijah and Moses together,
obviously outside of time.
The disciples didn't get it.
They stayed in chronos and asked about building houses.
Jesus wanted them to see outside of time.
This morning I am in the middle of chronos.
I am fighting the routine, the schedules, the rain--
desperate for a kairos meeting with the Lord.
I need a meeting that transfigures my mind.
Lord Jesus, would You come.
Break through the limits I place on You
and help me live in the eternal now--
the "heaven meets earth" 
kind of eternal now.
As You stood in chronos and operated in kairos, 
may I see how to follow Your pattern today.
I am desperate to find You in that way.
And I believe Your goodness will lead me up that mountain.


  1. I was on the most incredible hike ever. About 4,000 feet up from sea level. I made it to top of top. I sat down to take a well needed rest and take in the view. Then all of a sudden out of no where my wrist watch goes bonkers. The alarm is screaming at me for a good 2 min. unable to turn it off and the numbers have a meltdown not making any sense what so ever. then it just died. I was pretty upset. (It was such a cool watch too, it even had a feature set to the high and low tide so I knew the best time to surf) It was something i had worn since week 1 and it had rarely left my wrist.

    Anyway, my point being. The Lord made an impression on me with that, though, I didn't quite understand it at the time with what He was saying, all I knew was that I was out a perfectly good island timepiece. But, I kept wearing it anyway, thinking and hoping it might magically start working again or something.

    Then about a week later you post this entry. About Kairos. Even the picture matched. It was spot on! The voice and the impression that the Lord left me a week earlier came full circle with this entry. It BLEW my mind. It was a trip to read this entry while actually still wearing the very thing that lead me Chronos showed me Kairos.

    There have been many times over that past couple of months where I just needed that "extra additive" or just a bit more spiritual Octane for my day. and this site is pumpin out PREMIUM.
    Aunt Kathy. A HUGE! Thank you for hearing the Lord and actually pulling down heaven with your words, thoughts and timing.

    PS - I filled it with Hamoa Beach sand. No place on this earth can compare. Its Kairos time.
    USPS - 03060320000071709569

  2. Thank you so much for sharing this...what an incredible word picture that was!!!! It blesses me to know that you were touched in this way by what the Lord was saying:)

  3. TJ!!!!!! I just got the watch!! omg...that is incredible! It really does look just like the watch in this post! I am fairly certain I will find a way to write about this in the coming days!! Thank you for taking the time to do that. May the Lord fill you and bless you as you pursue Him and all that He has for you. Hawaii is a divine placement for you:)

  4. Aunt Kathy!!!
    I'm so glad it made it. Its still blows my mind the way the Lord orchestrates and then ties it all together.
    I'm looking forward to ALOT more of those small and BIG revelations with God impressions.
    Its been amazing to be here. You are so welcome. Totally looking fwd it.