Wednesday, March 14, 2012

I Have Set the Lord Before Me

While outwardly busy, let us be more occupied 
with God than with everything else. 
To be rightly engaged, we must be in His presence
Once a single word of the Savior 
suddenly calmed a furiously agitated sea: 
one look of His at us, and of ours toward Him, 
ought always to perform the same miracle within us.
As we raise our hearts to God,
He will purify, enlighten, and direct them. 
Such was the daily practice of the sacred Psalmist: 
I have set the Lord always before me.” (Ps. 16:8)

Let us often employ the beautiful words 
of the same holy prophet, 
God is the strength of my heart 
and my portion forever!”  (Ps. 73:25)

I realize how often during the day 
I am not aware of the presence of God.
Things pop up all day long that cause me 
to respond out of my soul.
I want to train my heart and my mind
to set the Lord always before me.
He didn't calm the storm so that I could live off
His ability to perform a miracle over 2000 years ago.
He wants to calm every storm that I encounter today.
In the midst of all the things that swirl around,
I want to be at perfect peace in the presence of God.
Today, Lord, help me stop often and look up.
I want to look into Your eyes and hear You.
Let my life be in harmony with my heart.
In the busyness of the day 
I want to respond from my spirit, 
not out of wrong emotion.
By Your mercy and grace, I say that 
You are the strength of my heart.
And my portion forever.

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