Monday, March 12, 2012

God is My Helper

So we can say with confidence, 
“The LORD is my helper, so I will have no fear."
Hebrews 13 
This is my declaration these days.
There have been many things that have tried 
to come in and produce fear in my heart.
But the Lord gave me a word last week that
He was training my trust muscle.
My desire is that my instinct would be trust.
But until that is so, I will train to process
through fear and land on trust.
My reflexes are getting just a bit quicker.
I am a little sore in the process, 
but "in the end there will be a harvest
of peace and righteousness" which 
comes from training.
I am grateful the Lord hasn't left me to myself.
He loves me enough to want me to have life--
His abundant, faith-filled, love-trumps-all life.
He trains us through His Holy Spirit,
deeply and gently.
I keep reminding myself that He is my helper.
And again, I am so grateful.


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