Sunday, March 11, 2012

Generous Grace

It is through the Son, 
at the cost of His own blood, 
that we are redeemed 
through that full and generous grace 
which has overflowed into our lives.
He purposes in His sovereign will 
that all human history shall be 
consummated in Christ; 
everything that exists 
in Heaven or earth shall find 
its perfection and fulfilment in Him. 
Eph 1
It is through the full and generous grace
of God that we accomplish anything good.
His purpose is that all mankind
find its existence and fulfillment in Him, 
and everything that is wrong in this world
stems from not seeing that as the
ultimate goal.

Every time I see this picture or sing this song, 
I get lost in the truth of grace.
It is bigger than we see and more than we know.
It is favor, unmerited and free.
But when we recognize that this free gift
cost God the blood of His Son,
we want to honor that cost
with our very lives.
We give Him everything that we are.
Our nothing for His everything.
Amazing that He makes that kind of trade.
My life for Your grace, God.
A beautiful exchange.
If it were an ocean,
I would have gone under a long time ago.

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