Friday, March 2, 2012

Everything that is Necessary

He has, by His own action, 
given us everything that is necessary 
for living the truly good life, 
in allowing us to know the One 
who has called us to Him, 
through His own glorious goodness. 
It is through Him that God’s greatest 
and most precious promises 
have become available to us, 
making it possible for you 
to share in God’s essential nature.
2 Peter 1
It is only through revelation that I can
wrap my mind around this truth.
But I have to get this.
He has already given me everything I need
to live the life He has called me to.
It is because He has allowed me 
to know His Son.
The only requirement is that I 
get to know Him more and more.
This simple truth around which 
the battle rages.
That I might know Him.
As the father said to his son in the parable, 
"Everything that I have is yours."
All I need is available for living the truly good life.
What truly good news.

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