Monday, February 20, 2012

Wrapped in Love

Yes, goodness and faithful love 
will pursue me all the days of my life...
Psalm 23
Mornings like this, I am so grateful for the psalms.
I feel like I can't hear, see, or sense 
what the Lord is saying to me.
So, I go to His word and trust His voice.
The psalms always meet me where I am.
And He whispers to me:
My goodness and My faithful love
are continually pursuing you.
I lead you beside the still waters
and I restore your soul.
My mercy hunts you down
and, in your place of weakness, 
I am all you ever need.
Come away with Me today.
Do this day wrapped in My love,
convinced that nothing can separate you from that love.
All I know, Lord, is that You are so good to me.
You lead me with Your voice and 
beckon me to come closer still.
I trust today that You are leading me 
beside those waters,
restoring my soul along the way.
You are so faithful.
You pursue me with Your goodness
and wrap me in Your love.
How can I want anything but  
more of You, Lord?


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