Thursday, February 9, 2012

Worthy of This Life

May God make you worthy of the life 
He has called you to live. 
May He fulfill by His power all your desire 
for goodness and complete your work of faith.
In this way the name of our Lord Jesus 
will receive glory from you, and you from Him, 
by the grace of our God and of the Lord Jesus Christ.
2Thes 1

This is an every day prayer for a simple faith-filled life.
God, that You would count me worthy of the life 
that You created me to live.
You crafted each day and recorded its design in Your book.
For this day, may the words on those pages
intersect with every breath that I take.
That Your power would be alive in me 
to fulfill those good things that I long for.
Jesus, I echo this powerful prayer of Paul.
I need You to complete my work of faith.
My feelings indicate weakness and lack,
but I know that the power of Your gospel
is alive and accomplishing the work You sent it to do.
I live by faith today, asking that You would supply
everything which I do not have.
As I go out today, interacting with all those You
have ordained for me to touch, 
would Your name be glorified.
Once again, forever and always, 
I rely on Your amazing grace.

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