Monday, February 6, 2012

The Water of Life

And let everyone come who is thirsty--
painfully conscious of his need of those things 
by which the soul is refreshed, 
supported, and strengthened; 
and whoever earnestly desires to do it, 
let him come, take, appropriate, 
and drink the water of Life 
without cost. 
Rev 22:17
This morning I am so aware of this need.
My soul is desperate every day for His
refreshing, support and strength.
The good news is that this desperation
qualifies me to come and drink deeply of Him, 
without cost.
More of You, Jesus.
More of Your love, more of Your life.
As we sing in worship, 
"Love of God, overflow.
Permeate all my soul.
Fill me up Lord."
It is my cry this morning.
It can't always be a worship experience.
Those mountain tops are part of our expression
of love and gratitude for the Lord--
and our filling up of His love for us.
But this morning, alone with Him, I still sing.
Love of God, overflow.
Permeate all my soul.
Fill me up with more of You, Jesus.
I come, take and appropriate the water of Your life
and ask that it overtakes my own.
I am "painfully conscious of my need"
for more of You.

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