Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Trust in His Love

We know how much God loves us, 
and we have put our trust in His love.
1John 4:16
My trust must be in His love.
Sometimes I worry about my love for Him.
I wonder whether I am doing what pleases Him.
I wonder whether I am doing enough.
This is the path to the trap,
the trap of striving and soul strength.
This morning I surrender.
I am fussing with so many things today.
I know I need to pray them all through.
But first, I must be still.
I must anchor my trust to His love.
I have a sense that if I don't 
surrender to His rest now, 
I may spend the entire day just a bit off.
Being "just a bit off" in my soul
can have more than "just a bit" of
consequences in my day.
Lord, I trust You.
Your love is more than enough for me.
Your infinite love is beyond my ability to comprehend.
I pray Ephesians 3 over myself this morning:

Lord, I am asking that I be firmly fixed in love, 
able to grasp how wide and deep 
and long and high is Your love—
and to know for myself that love 
so far beyond my comprehension. 
Fill me through all my being with Yourself!
Your strength will come from settling down 
in complete dependence on Me—
Is 30

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