Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Those Happy Ones

How happy are the humble-minded, 
for the kingdom of Heaven is theirs! 
Happy are those who know what sorrow means 
for they will be given courage and comfort! 
Happy are those who claim nothing, 
for the whole earth will belong to them! 
Happy are those who are hungry and thirsty for goodness, 
for they will be fully satisfied! 
Happy are the merciful, 
for they will have mercy shown to them! 
Happy are the utterly sincere, 
for they will see God!
Matthew 5
These wonderful verses do not describe the rules we must follow
to be happy, or blessed--the meaning of that word.
They describe the heart of those who live blessed.
You are happy if you are humble--
if you take very little thought of yourself.
You are happy if sin produces great sorrow in your heart-- 
if the thought of your own sin, the sins of others
and the sin that is in the world produces grief.
You are happy if you need nothing--
if you are content to count it all loss 
for the joy of knowing Christ.
You are happy if you desire goodness--
if nothing satisfies but Him and His righteousness.
You are happy if you show mercy-- 
if you recognize that without mercy you would 
have nothing that could be called good.
You are happy if you are sincere, 
if you are the same on the inside as you are on the outside.
You are happy if there is virtually nothing in you 
that is considered valuable by the standards of this world.
The backwardness of this glorious Kingdom.
It directly opposes human nature
because if it aligned with our nature, 
we would not need Christ to live His life through us.
We represent another Nature, 
and we are the only representation of that Nature on earth.
I love the mind-boggling simplicity of the Gospel.
All I know is that the promises of these verses
are my heart's desire.
I want His comfort and courage that I might be able to 
comfort and give courage to others who have none.
I want to be satisfied with His goodness.
I want to SEE Him!!!
Jesus, help me live backwards today.
Help me back away from my flesh.
And live this day led by Your spirit
into all the blessing You have for me.
That I might represent You 
and Your covenantal ways

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  1. Thank You, Father, that I am blessed for grieving the sin of another...
    Thank You, Father, that my hunger and thirst for righteousness WILL BE SATISFIED!