Sunday, February 19, 2012

Steadily Onward

Let us strip off everything that hinders us, 
and run the race that we have to run with patience, 
our eyes fixed on Jesus...
God corrects us for our own benefit, 
to teach us His holiness. 
When it is all over we can see that it has quietly produced 
the fruit of real goodness in those 
who have accepted it in the right spirit. 
Don’t wander away from the path 
but forge steadily onward. 
On the right path the limping foot 
recovers strength and does not collapse.
Hebrews 12
Oh, the glorious grace of our God,
who teaches us about His holiness
and encourages us to run our race.
If we have ears to hear, we hear the training voice.
"This is the way, walk in it."
If we accept His training in the right spirit, 
it will produce fruit in us.
If we stay on the path, trusting Him and His goodness, 
we will receive our strength for today.
Our limping foot will only become stronger.
His grace sufficient, 
His strength made perfect in our weakness.
And one day, with our eyes fixed on Jesus, 
ignoring our own weakness, 
we will find we are limping no longer.
That is what the Holy Spirit is training us for.
When it's all over, we can see the fruit.
That we might be like Him.
Only the furious, unconditional love of our God
offers this kind of grace to mankind.
He called us to a life of holiness... 
Before time, He planned to give us in Christ 
the grace to achieve this purpose.
2Tim 1
By His grace I will run this race 
with my eyes fixed in faith
and my heart fixed in love,
becoming more like Jesus as I 
"forge steadily onward."

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