Saturday, February 18, 2012

Life in the Midst

My friend Sarah sent me this picture earlier today.
Life in the midst of seemingly dead things.
This morning is not particularly beautiful.
It is blustery, gray, drizzly, damp and cold.
But in the midst of all that, 
this single bud defies its surroundings.
It was designed to bud at this exact time
as a contrast to all that stands around it.
It is doing what it was created to do.
That bud has been speaking to me this morning;
I have been feeling more like the bare branch. 
God has been reminding me that I carry His life
and He causes life to come forth 
regardless of what I may feel 
or what things may look like.

The Lord commanded Ezekiel
 to speak to dry and dead places.
"Listen to the word of the LORD! 
Look! I am going to put breath into you 
and make you live again!"
Ezekiel 37
This morning, the Lord is telling me  
to speak to any dry and dead places 
and call them to come to life.
There is life in every place I think is dead.
Lord, thank You that You don't leave me where I am.
You give me Your words of life 
and they indeed cause life to come forth in me.
In the midst of bare branch feelings, 
I decree that Your budding life defies barrenness.
I can't afford to walk around feeling bare
when I have Your life dwelling in me.
Because this is more importantly 
a picture of who I am in You, 
carrying Your beauty and life as a contrast 
to everyone and everything around me 
that does not know You.
You created me to represent Your budding life
among the dry and dead branches.
Thank You for Your incredible gift of life.
May I offer mine back to You
as a pleasing sacrifice this day.

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