Sunday, February 26, 2012

Lavishing Favor

Generous to a fault, 
You lavish your favor on all creatures. 
Everything God does is right—
the trademark on all his works is love. 
He does what's best for those who fear him— 
hears them call out, and saves them. 
My mouth is filled with God's praise. 
Let everything living bless Him, 
bless his holy name from now to eternity!
Psalm 145
God's favor is always there for those who fear Him, 
for those who have surrendered to His love.
But there are times we can feel the weight of His favor.
This has been one of those times.
As we have been celebrating our 25th anniversary, 
I have been rehearsing the faithfulness of God
during the course of our marriage.
Oh, God, how great You are!
This weekend, I have been experiencing 
the undeserved kindness of God.
We are out of town, and it has been windy and rainy,
but He has been surprising me 
with His goodness everywhere I turn.
His lavish favor comes that we may enjoy Him
and sit in the midst of His kindness and goodness.
My response is worship.
My response forms a testimony that
cannot be taken away.
It goes forth to proclaim His goodness to others.

How happy is the woman who believes in God, 
for He does make his promises to her come true.
My heart is overflowing 
with praise of my Lord, 
my soul is full of joy in God my Savior. 
For He has deigned to notice me...
The one who can do all things 
has done great things for me—
oh, holy is his Name! 
Truly, His mercy rests on those 
who fear Him in every generation.
Luke 2
So grateful for mercy, grace and favor.
My heart truly is overflowing.
His goodness is SO GOOD!

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